Mothaltar Has Released Video For Original Vision


Hailing from the Dallas TX, mothaltar blurs the line across different genres with their dedication to combining complex, blistering riffs with beautifully cinematic soundscapes. Their latest single, “Original Vision”, encapsulates this dedication to multi-layered songcraft completely. Opening with an atmospheric bed of bird noises and drones, the song begins with discordant, symphonic piano and strings before building into an almost tribal drum beat. All of this gives way to a full-frontal assault of brutal Metalcore.

With a heavy emphasis on storytelling and creating lush atmospheres, mothaltar seeks to take both itself and its listeners on a journey of awakened expression. “This song means growth to us,” explains the band. “We wanted to release a track that was theatrical and introduced larger themes of temptation. The song was birthed out of a desire to form a story before a song.

Mixed and Mastered by Mattias Ohlsson and released on Affiant Records, mothaltar has also dropped a video for “Original Vision“. “The video is a narrative discussing the inner temptation,” says the band. “The main character sees a serpent man and is induced by him but comes to realize he is only projecting what he is feeling inside. Our Director Kenny Minor helped capture the eerie themes and proper tones to set up the severity of our mental health and temptations.

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