Bishops Green Share European Tour Dates, Black Skies EP Out May 20th Via Pirates Press Records

Bishops Green - Black Skies EP

If the pandemic made you realize that you missed one thing about your connection with punk, there’s a decent chance that Bishops Green had something to do with that. This band hits hard and reaches people on a very deep level. Making new fans daily, they continue to connect with scores of people very deeply, even not being able to tour. Yet the true magic in this band is really seeing them live.

As the world returns to normal and gigs materialize, more and more people are gonna realize how important this band is to the social fabric of punk rock. The passion they’ve instilled in fans, and the fervor from within are both equally strong and together are the reason why this band has so much impact to deliver!

This album and these songs absolutely set the tone, brilliantly, but there is so much more to come as well. Absolutely no lack of excitement in this maple-leaf-adorned corner of the punk rock world – in fact, quite the opposite!

There are seemingly black skies adrift right now, but somehow these songs make you feel like there’s a golden future on the horizon! We can all at least sing loud, and hope…

Black Skies EP is available for pre-order HERE.

Catch Bishops Green on tour:
05/06/2022 – Chemnitz, Germany – AJZ Chemnitz
05/07/2022 – Osnabruck, Germany – Bastard Club
05/08/2022 – Athens, Greece – AN Club
05/09/2022 – Larisa, Greece – Larisa
05/10/2022 – Kassel, Germany – Goldgrube
05/12/2022 – Dijon, France – Les Tannerie
05/13/2022 – Frejus, France – Monster’s Art
05/14/2022 – Marseille, France – Festival Le Molotov
05/15/2022 – Luzern, Switzerland – Musikzentrum Sedel
05/17/2022 – Schweinfuhrt, Germany – Sdatbanhof
05/18/2022 – Essen, Germany – Don’t Panic
05/19/2022 – Aachen, Germany – Musikbunker-Aachen E.V.
05/20/2022 – Weinheim, Germany – Cafe Central
05/21/2022 – Berlin, Germany – Punk & Disorderly Festival
05/22/2022 – Lodz, Poland – DOM
05/23/2022 – Kosice, Slovakia – Collosseum Club
05/24/2022 – Ostrava-Mesto, Czechia – Barrak Music Club
05/25/2022 – Wien, Austria – Viper Room
05/26/2022 – Innsbruck, Austria – Livestage
05/27/2022 – Bologna, Italy – Freakout Club
05/28/2022 – Cordenons, Italy – Rock Town

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