Premiere: Prince Of Lilies Have Released Video For Free, A Stunning Grunge Anthem Produced By Legendary Steve Albini

Prince Of Lilies

Sounding like they could have come out of Seattle in the ‘90s on Sub Pop, Crete, Greece’s Prince Of Lilies recorded their debut album Vent (2021 Grunge Pop) with Nirvana-noise guru Steve Albini at his Electrical Audio studio in Chicago, Illinois in just two days and all on analog tape. Vent received critical acclaim and is considered the first “grunge revival” album.

Now they’ve returned with another new single “Free” and it’s accompanying video for their forthcoming sophomore album Hurst, which once again is Steve Albini-produced.

Here’s what the singer Pyn had to say about the track:  “Free is about finding that freedom that exists within you after being caged up by society for so long to the point where you’ve become a slave to it and you hate your life. When you find the way to break those chains on your feet and find that you actually have the power to take control of your own destiny, it’s an experience worth shouting about. Who keeps you down? Who holds the key to your freedom? In the end, it’s you and only you. You have the power to free your own self. It all starts in the mind.”

Being described by the press as “Nirvana meets Hüsker Dü” and “The sound of Kings Of Leon being abused by Nirvana”, Prince Of Lilies fuse grunge, punk, and thrashing garage rock and takes indie rock and gives it a well deserved punch in the face leaving it bloodied, raw and stunned – replacing the smug self awareness with an injection of rock n roll spirit. 

Prince Of Lilies write dynamic pop songs with a hardcore edge, replacing slickness for a gritty live feel and punk attitude, managing to sound like they’re actually playing in the corner of your bedroom threatening to tear a hole in your speakers. 

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