Mossadeq – Hospital LP (Grazil Records / Teratogen)

Mossadeq - Hospital LP - Grazil Records / Teratogen

It’s been a while since I wrote something about some experimental music, and this particular release from the Grazil Records batch will serve fine for this occasion. Today we have Mossadeq on our pages, an experimental rock act coming from Graz, Austria. As far as I am informed, Hospital is his debut full-length album, released last year via Grazil Records and Teratogen. However, this full-length is not his only release. The artist also published a couple of demos, such as a debut four-track demo and Milch & Ohrfeigen, a double single called Traffic/Error, and a split release Violență Domestică. Mossadeq also released the material from the beforementioned split release as a standalone recording named Czech. Still, I would like to talk about the Hospital LP today.

Hospital LP possesses six longevous compositions. Some purists might classify this material as an extended play, but it still holds as a full-length release because it lasts for nearly thirty minutes. You’ll immediately realize that Mossadequ thoroughly explores many genres. Perhaps the experimental rock is a starting point and the best brief introduction that describes his sound, but there’s unquestionably more than meets the eye. There are many ingredients lurking around in the mix. Music genres like hardcore punk, noise rock, sludge, shoegaze, psychedelic rock, and goth rock are the first that come to mind, but there’s more. You may also notice some industrial, dark ambient, classic ambient, symphonic, and drone music. Some readers might think this is way too many music genres to bear with, but Mossadeq handles all the orchestrations like a pro.

Mossadeq goes even further by incorporating depressive black metal, post-metal, and post-rock into already complex compositions. Still, these additions don’t spoil the listening experience at all. Quite the contrary, you will be surprised how everything sounds harmoniously from scratch to finish. Mossadeq continuously levitates between standard sonic maneuvers and experimentations with avant-garde music genres. This avant-garde approach unquestionably keeps his sound even more interesting, and I couldn’t imagine Mossadeq playing some simpler form of music after hearing this. You will definitely be impressed by the sheer amount of ideas invested in the entire material. However, I highly advise you to listen to this album several times because you’ll always find more details hidden beneath the piles of abrasive, sludgy, heavy sounds and beats. The album is available for purchase via Grazil Records. Head over to their web store for more information about ordering.

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