St. Arnaud – Love And The Front Lawn CD (Fierce Panda)

St. Arnaud - Love And The Front Lawn CD - Fierce Panda

Pop music occupied Thoughts Words Action headquarters in the last couple of days. I cannot complain too much about it, considering there are no unlistenable pop albums nowadays. A couple of decades ago, you could stumble upon some pretty lame pop releases, but contemporary artists pay more attention to the details than their predecessors. Bite It Promotion supplied us with some outstanding music releases worth mentioning, even though they’re not punk rock-related. One of those has been released on streaming services this Friday. Love And The Front Lawn by St. Arnaud is a modern indie pop masterpiece I would like to write about today.

Love And The Front Lawn carries a handful of brilliant indie-pop songs that are threatening to become instant classics. As soon as you press play, you’ll immediately realize you’re dealing with a profoundly creative, experienced mastermind capable of writing, composing, recording, and producing nothing but marvelous compositions. As I mentioned before, St. Arnaud is all about indie pop, but there are other music genres involved in his music. You’ll notice heavy dosages of indie rock chord progressions, arpeggiated chord progressions, riffs, and other sonic maneuvers performed on guitars. Still, this clever artist doesn’t stop there. St. Arnaud occasionally steps into jazzy, Bossanova, singer-songwriter, folk-rock, acoustic rock, and soul waters without spoiling primary musical direction.

There are even some elements borrowed from electronic music, such as various ear-appealing ambiances, accentuations, and other enhancements. Each composition differs from the preceding one, but they represent a comprehensive sonic amalgam worth listening to every day. Love And The Front Lawn is an ideal soundtrack for lazy weekends when you need to chill out, relax and clear your head from all the negative things that piled up in your head during the working week. I am not sure if that’s the purpose of this release, but it unquestionably possesses healing properties. The way St. Arnaud sings and performs his music on Love And The Front Lawn leaves the impression of a powerful indie-pop release capable of fixing you up whenever you feel anxious, frustrated, or physically tired.

Therefore, you should unquestionably pay attention to Love And The Front Lawn if you’re looking for soothing indie-pop songs written and performed from a singer-songwriter/folk-rock perspective. The album is available digitally and physically on a compact disc via Fierce Panda.

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