Signs Of Progress Have Released A New Video

Signs Of Progress

Pop-punk four-piece Signs of Progress have released their authority-defying single and music video for “Gossip (Tune You Out).” The new single marks the third release from the group’s latest EP The Static Hero, which dropped last Friday, April 15 and is comprised of three tracks, including “Gossip (Tune You Out).”

Utilizing the strongest elements of pop-punk and pop-rock, “Gossip (Tune You Out)” is a nostalgia-drenched track that highlights the group’s effortless sonic diversity and puts vocalist Sage Viscovi’s vocal prowess on full display.

“The track ‘Gossip (Tune You Out)’ is a fast song about receiving nasty messages and comments, with a positive tone to match its upbeat melody,” Viscovi shares of the track. “It’s a message to haters, reminding those of us who have potentially been dismissed or put down by others to ‘tune them out.’ It also strives to empower the listener to continue casting their own light when the world around them feels dark.”

It’s no secret that the video to coincide with the release of “Gossip (Tune You Out)” is soaked with nostalgic imagery and pop culture references. Opening the visual with old-school VHS video effects before zooming in on a shot of Viscovi decked out in a knock-off Juicy Couture track suit and backwards “S” on her t-shirt referencing the 2004 cult classic Mean Girls is only the beginning.

Throughout the video, the group can be seen performing in an 80s style workout ad, a car sales commercial equipped with a call to action to “PLS CALL US BACK” at 999-999-9999, an unmistakable blink-182 poster plastered on the bedroom wall, the captain intro image for Spongebob Squarepants hanging on the wall behind Viscovi while she plays Nintendo 64 and plenty more.

Evident through the chorus, “Gotta learn to just tune you out/When you’re filling my ears with doubt/Grab your gossip and turn around/Shining bright, you can’t bring me down,” “Gossip (Tune You Out)” signals the group’s battlecry for acceptance while also finding the courage to be yourself.

The video was directed by Vann Fulfs, who also directed Lupe Fiasco’s “Cripple (feat. Elena Pinderhughes)”. “Gossip (Tune You Out)” was written and performed by Signs of Progress, and the track was recorded, mixed and produced by Lee Dyess at Earthsound Recordings.

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