Moulding Heaven With Earth: Abrasive Trees Announce New Single

Abrasive Trees

Abrasive Trees have announced their next single Moulding Heaven With Earth/Kali Sends Sunflowers – to be released on Thursday 28th April via the SHAPTA Releases label.

The double A-side confirms a change of direction for the project, originally started by Matthew Rochford and is the first to feature the full live band line-up.  It was produced by Lucy Board and Matthew Board from shoegaze/dream pop band Pale Blue eyes and features a remix by Mark Beazley (Rothko). 

Matthew Rochford said of the release:

“Moulding Heaven With Earth is, in part, about how we try to line everything up perfectly in our lives – and how this never quite works. But it’s also about some deeper truths about our potential as human beings.

Kali Sends Sunflowers is a bit of a rallying cry for dreamers, for creatives, for people with the imagination and energy for changing the world amidst the abject failure of our current systems and ways of thinking.”

The single is available for pre-order on cassette, CD or download via Bandcamp and will be released on all platforms on Thursday 28th April.

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