Lucifers Beard – Shake On The Floor

Lucifers Beard - Shake On The Floor

After more than two years of silence, Lucifers Beard returns with another outstanding piece of sonic artistry. Shake On The Floor bursts with tremendous power, energy, dynamics, and other qualities that define all good rock songs. Still, this is not an ordinary alternative rock song that you stumble upon while scrolling your favorite streaming services. Quite the contrary, Lucifers Beard explores so many different, but complementary genres in order to achieve the desired sound. It unquestionably stands out from the vast sea of bland contemporary alternative rock tunes that usually repeat the same old riffs, chord progressions, and other orchestrations.

Lucifers Beard

Shake On The Floor possesses a fresh and unique structure, arrangements, and accentuations, decorated by thoughtfully assembled melodies, harmonies, riffs, and other guitar shreds. Lucifers Beard differs from other projects/bands in so many ways, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how Shake On The Floor resonates from scratch to finish. Speaking of genres, even alternative rock is not constantly present. You will definitely notice how post-hardcore, math-rock, noise rock, indie rock, and other similar subgenres lurk around. Lucifers Beard is not an ordinary project. It’s a cleverly planned sonic equation, which has aim to indulge your listening apparatus in every possible way. You can listen to the single on all streaming platforms.

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