Oliver Marson Shares New Single/Video

Oliver Marson - Manipulator

Today Oliver Marson is sharing a new dark wave single/video titled “Manipulator” which features Oliver maniacally dancing around as an evil Wall Street banker. The track was produced by Joshua Rumble (Black Country, New Road) and was mixed by Jorge Elbrecht (Kirin J Callinan, No Joy). Regarding the single/video, Oliver stated that “The first line of the song and overarching message is that ‘we’re sleepwalking with the loonies at the wheel’ and we tried to get across this in the video through me playing a dodgy Wall Street banker. Obvious influences being American Psycho, Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Wall Street, and A Shock to the System. I enjoyed very much performing as this campy character, it was fun and I loved the DIY approach we took to filming it.”

Having teamed up with Jorge Elbrecht (Kirin J Callinan, No Joy) and Joshua Rumble (Black Country New Road) to achieve this sound on his upcoming album and singles. Oliver Marson blends music from the 60s, 70s and 80s to create a catchy baroque pop sound. This is ludicrous music for ludicrous times and satire for life in late capitalism. His lyrics take more from contemporary rap artists like Danny Brown rather than the current zeitgeist of guitar bands, because of their provocative nature. “Manipulator” features Christina Lopez on drums (Lava la rue, Empathy Test), Charles Cave on bass (White Lies) and backup vocals from Maya Harrisson (For Breakfast).

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