The Racket – Why Are You Watching Me?

The Racket - Why Are You Watching Me?

UK alternative rock quartet The Racket have released a brand new song today. Why Are You Watching Me is their seventh composition from the series of singles launched in 2017 and the first one released this year. It’s a song that comes as a perfect continuation of their previous works. Why Are You Watching me represents everything you ever needed from an alternative rock song, plus even more. Besides the unquestionable alternative rock dominance, the band infuses other genres into their already luxurious sound, such as garage rock, rock’n’roll, and indie rock. It could be described as the best thing rock music had to offer at the moment.

The Racket

The Racket invested some catchy riffs, so this particular single bursts with catchiness from scratch to finish. The song commences with powerful low-end notes, but it becomes even more powerful when the beforementioned riffs kick in. This main riff is nearly hypnotic and forces you to pay attention. However, Why Are You Watching Me shines even brighter during the choruses where The Racket showcase how alternative and garage rock should sound in 2022. The guitars sound superb, the rhythm section sounds tight, and the lead vocals add such an ear-appealing layer of melodies over the top. Why Are You Watching Me is unquestionably a track you need to hear. The single is available on all streaming platforms.

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