Lost Angeles LP By Brix Smith And Marty Willson-Piper Is Now Available For Pre-Order

Brix Smith And Marty Willson-Piper - Lost Angeles

Legendary musical pioneer Brix Smith (The Fall) recorded Lost Angeles with Marty Willson-Piper (The Church, Noctorum, Space Summit) in 1997 and this long lost gem includes some of her best work to date.

Originally intended to be a follow-on from her influential and much-loved project The Adult Net, ‘Lost Angeles‘ was written in Los Angeles during her break from The Fall (1992-1994) and recorded in 1997 in Penzance during her second stint in The Fall.

Lost Angeles’ (which over the years Brix has referred to as “the lost album”) is the missing puzzle piece from Smith’s long and varied career. A must have for any fan of Brix Smith’s songwriting, and a great starting point for those that are not familiar with her previous work.

The music, which comprises the delicately layered jangling guitars of Willson-Piper and infectious melodies of Smith, is darkly juxtaposed by Smith’s lyrics, which are both painfully honest and excruciatingly vulnerable. This combination creates a dynamic piece of work, which is as disturbing as it is uplifting.

When asked why ‘Lost Angeles’ has taken so long to be released, Smith says, “I was at my most vulnerable when I wrote this album. I was coming out of a devastating break up and I had lost my way mentally, emotionally and financially. I was trying to re-find my identity, whilst grappling with my mental health. I had lost my confidence and felt too raw to release it. I worried that by exposing myself so honestly, I might have to face possible rejection from the music industry, and that was something I feared I would not have been able to handle emotionally. Thankfully, I’ve gone through the dark tunnel and come out on the other side. With hindsight, I realise this a defining piece of my musical journey. I’ve always known how good this album is, but it is only now that I am confident enough to release it. Everything comes in its own time. The timeless nature of the music and the universality of the emotional lyrics, make this album just as relevant now, as when I wrote it.”

Pre-order the CD HERE!
Pre-order the LP HERE!

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