Top Singles: February 2022

Top Singles: February 2022

Here’s our list of the singles we mostly enjoy during February. We highly advise you to check out all these tunes and support the hardworking bands as much as possible.

One Hidden Frame – Watch Your Head On The Way Out

Ignite – This Day

Heathcliff – They Won’t Get Us Down

Fair Do’s – Unhinged

Berthold City – With This Regret

Design Flaw – Andromeda

Hot Water Music – Lock Up

Hike The Peak – Heading Home

Melonball – Fast Forward

Panda Rhei – Rant

A Wilhelm Scream – Apocalypse Porn

Killing Joke – Lord Of Chaos

Noise Aholic – Avskild Och Förglömd

Crows – Room 156

Totally Slow – The Lost Art Of Shutting Up

Cadavre De Schnaps – Baloon

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