Der Butterwegge – Butterbande CD (Weird Sounds Records & Promotion)

Der Butterwegge - Butterbande CD - Weird Sounds Records & Promotion

Here’s another superb release I received in the recent Rookie Records batch. This one comes from Wierd Sounds Records & Promotion, a German record label based in Bramsche. Butterbande is the fourth full-length release by Der Butterwegge, a melodic punk rock band that incorporates a decent amount of folk music. Previously, Der Butterwegge released critically acclaimed recordings such as Liebe Lyrik Alkohol, Auf Asche, Super Optimiert, a compilation album named Die Scheibe, and countless singles. One thing is more than evident. Considering the number of recordings released since 2015, I cannot escape the feeling that the band tends to keep its activities as prolific as possible. The best part of these activities is the fact all recordings burst with enormous quality. That’s the case with their new album as well.

Butterband contains fourteen easy-listening melodic punk rock tunes, decorated by a delicate touch of folk-punk sound. Still, Der Butterwegge are not overwhelming their sound with elements of folk. Rather than that, they’re trying to enhance the sound with those elements a little bit but still keep it in melodic punk rock circles. I have to admit they’re doing it pretty damn well, and these mellow-sounding punk rock tunes will apply even to those who’re not into the punk rock waters at all. Der Butterwegge aim to please a broader audience by delivering soothing chord progression, semi-distorted riffs, carefully assembled harmonies, calm melodies, and minimalistic rock’n’roll solos.

Still, Der Butterwegge don’t escape from a much more aggressive sound, and you may find a couple of tunes where the band incorporates faster rhythmic sequences and heavier riffs. There are also a couple of ska tunes, so they pretty much cover every music genre that works well with the punk rock base. The band also incorporated a couple of anthemic numbers where you will notice flawlessly recorded singalongs. These singalongs furthermore decorate the powerful, uplifting, energetic choruses. Besides excellent musicianship, Der Butterwegge invested so many brilliant ideas into this material, and that’s vividly hearable from scratch to finish. Therefore, you should check out their latest recording if this type of punk rock is something you dearly love. Butterband comes on vinyl and CD, so head over to Weird Sound Records & Promotion and pre-order this album in your favorite format.

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