Cuffs – Watch Me Die

Cuffs - Watch Me Die

Bristol, UK-based post-hardcore quartet Cuffs recently released a new single. Watch Me Die is the fifth single in a row from a series of singles launched back in 2019 and the first single this year. The group also released Factory Sessions EP, about which we talked on our pages before. This particular single bursts with the sheer energy that unquestionably defines Cuffs as a band. You’ll immediately notice generous servings of raw, abrasive, cleverly assembled slabs of noise delivered by overly fuzzy guitars. However, Cuffs are experienced musicians who undoubtfully know what they’re doing, so you’ll hear every riff, shred, chord progression, and any other sonic delicacy incorporated in this track.


Besides heavy guitar riffs, you’ll also notice powerful lead vocals that enhance an already aggressive sound of the band. The excellent drumming performance keeps everything in line through complex rhythmic segments, various accentuations over the cymbals, and fills, while the bass guitar fulfills the ambiance with massive low-end tones. Watch Me Die is decorated with brilliant ideas and exquisite musicianship from scratch to finish, so this will be your go-to track whenever you need some contemporary post-hardcore music. The single is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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