Music UnLtd Released A New Single Today

Music UnLtd

The psychedelic rock band Music UnLtd released a new single today. See is the first single after nearly a three-year pause and a proper continuation of their previous recordings. Music UnLtd furthermore expands the sound towards more cinematic ambient-driven psychedelic rock, decorated by soothing sonic enhancements. Besides the unquestionable dominance of cinematic ambient and psychedelic rock, you may also stumble upon elements of progressive rock, alternative rock, soft rock, indie rock, ethno, and world music that give an entirely new dimension to the song. Nevertheless, those two beforementioned music genres remain as primary sonic weapons of choice that define this particular composition.

Music UnLtd

A calmy, relaxing, soothing, cathartic soundscapes play a significant role throughout the entire number. Music UnLtd assembled this composition to appeal to anyone, not only to psychedelic rock fans. However, the song possesses delicate prog-rock and soft rock orchestrations, cleverly hidden beneath the layers of ambient, melodic, and harmonic segments. It’s a wisely arranged composition suitable for anyone willing to give this song a chance, and you will spin it repeatedly once you play it for the first time. See is available for listening on all streaming platforms, so give it a couple of spins. We’re positively sure you’ll include this divine number on your playlists.

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