Pershagen Shares A New Single


Instrumental rock meets elements of modern nu-jazz on Pershagen’s new single ”Solen är en trumma.” An improvised track, translated into ”The sun is a drum”, and the second single from the Swedish band’s upcoming third album ”Hilma.”

“Solen är en trumma” is a psychedelic jam built around an atmospheric foundation of bass and drums, decorated with the colorful sounds of guitar, pedal steel, and organ.

The band comments: “‘Solen är en trumma’ is an entirely improvised song. A moment of magic which we luckily caught on tape in our studio. A moment where the chemistry between us was allowed to control the direction of the music, where nothing was predetermined but everything was created in the present. Like sitting in the driver’s seat of a car in the middle of nowhere – you’re controlling and steering, but at the same time you’re a passenger on a journey to somewhere you’ve never been.”

“Solen är en trumma” is out on all streaming platforms. Pershagen will release their third studio album “Hilma” in the spring of 2022 via Lövely Records.

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