Swallow’s Rose Shared A New Single And Video

Swallow's Rose

Swallow’s Rose have chosen their next single Downfall as the title track of their debut follow-up, and not without reason. Just take a quick look at the lyrics of this punk anthem:

Until we take take take the parting glass
We have to beat beat beat the bitterness
All we want want want we want to live 
While we attend the beginning of the end
The downfall of everything

This song conveys the quintessence of the second album in highly concentrated form: live right here, live right now! We are all on a collision course with the end anyway, so take a deep breath and make the best of it here and now.

As the album’s opener, Downfall perfectly sums up the topics Dominik, Manuel, Korbi, Fabi and Michael are working on this time right at the beginning. Attention, trigger warning: It gets uncomfortable – in the most positive sense! It’s about coping with problems and accepting setbacks while celebrating life with your loved ones and keeping your optimism against all odds. When everything seems to be falling apart: getting up is always the way to go – no matter why you fell down! Thanks to the captivating sing-along chorus, sophisticated riff arrangements and driving drums, this is even easier with the new single from Swallow’s RoseWelcome to the downfall of everything!

The eponymous album Downfall will be released on April 29, 2022 via SBÄM Records

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