Drawbacks – How We Feel LP (Various Labels)

Drawbacks - How We Feel LP - Various Labels

Here’s some more great music for all the fans of melodic hardcore. Like Fenris Fuzz and Young Harts, this vinyl release is also a product of Eternalis Records, a French record label mainly focused on releasing bands from the local underground scene. Most of their previous releases sold out, and it only speaks about the quality of the bands they sign on their roster. How We Feel is a debut full-length release by Drawbacks, a French melodic hardcore quintet coming from Lille. The band previously released a self-titled EP, a single named The Wind And The Sand, and Common Impartments EP. Still, it seems How We Feel is their most-advanced recording to date, and certainly one worth checking out.

How We Feel carries dozen of energetic melodic hardcore tunes. Speaking of songwriting, composing, arrangements, production, and the overall sound, Drawbacks satisfy all the demands of the contemporary hardcore scene. Each of these ten songs comes as a giant slab of harmonious noise, built upon thoughtfully assembled melodies, melodic thematics, arpeggiated chord progressions, robust riffs, warm-sounding basslines, and fast-paced rhythmic segments. With great assurance, I can state their melodies are a bit melancholic, but to the point where they appeal to the listening apparatus. Besides flawlessly performed vocals and instrumentations, Drawbacks thought a lot about arrangements, so How We Feel remains entertaining from scratch to finish.

The band also thought about the dynamics of their songs, so each one contains fast-paced rhythmic segments and more half-step beatdowns. Still, these beatdowns are not overwhelming like those hearable in beatdown hardcore music. Quite the contrary, Drawbacks aim to build a slow, cold, melancholic atmosphere similar to a feeling of desperation, sadness, and nothingness. Once again, the band walks on a thin line between depressive and more energetic sounds. Therefore, their music appears far from being overly depressive. I like how the dualities between rhythm and lead guitar build the atmosphere, so you simultaneously receive the massive riffs and harmonies. The bass guitar fulfills the gaps between the high end and the rhythm section but contributes with some impressive basslines at the same time. The lead vocals continuously lean between classic hardcore shoutouts and screaming to the point where you hear the voice cracking a little bit. This technic gives a lot of sincerity to the vocal performance.

How We Feel is an amazing collection of contemporary melodic hardcore tunes that will knock your socks off. There are so many reasons why you should check out this album and their previous recordings, so you better start today. How We Feel comes on a fluorescent yellow vinyl record, and it is a co-prod between Eternalis Records, Don’t Trust The Hype, Dingleberry Records, Inhumano Records, Smithsfoodgroup, Pundonor Records, 59SRS, Mosh Potatoes, and KVLR Records. Highly recommended release!

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