Yunger Faces Complaints And A Fine After Renting Airbnb For Music Video


Yunger rented an Airbnb to film the music video of My Way Out, an extremely fitting location, given the song’s central theme: Drug Addiction, overcoming Personal Struggles, and a Positive Message of Hope. The band’s aesthetic choice of location did not go well with local residents since the band received 11 Noise Complaints and was faced with a $750 Fine.

My Way Out is released through Kontrolla Music Group, is influenced by their vocalists’s very personal battle with drug addiction;

Jay notes: This song is about finding your way out of the hell that is drug addiction, and the artwork follows that in the sense of giving your mind and heart away to substances. It was inspired by my personal experience of fighting through the darkest times in my life, only fueled by any essence of hope. I don’t wish this upon anyone, and I hope this song gives strength to people who need to overcome similar struggles.

Yunger began in Northern California in 2018 as a couple of guys passionate about creating rock music and playing shows. In 2020, they entered the studio with Beau Burchell (Saosin, Senses Fail, Middle Class Rut, Hail The Sun) to create their second EP.

With the upcoming EP, Yunger weaves Grunge, Shoegaze, Emo, and Dark Pop elements into their songs, abandoning the expectations placed on Modern Rock Music to forge their own path.

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