Inner Monsters: Hard Point Releases A New Single

Stoner rock band Hard Point releases their new single Inner Monsters on all streaming platforms on Latin American label Electric Funeral Records. The track that almost gave the band its name presents the simple premise that we all have a monster inside, doesn’t it? The group’s oldest composition is a faithful representation of its proposal: a heavy, stoner sound, with lyrics in the same proportion. Listen HERE

The composition came from a partnership between Alex Carvalho and Igor Pinguim, and features striking guitar riffs, a drumbeat marked on the constant bass drum and a broken rhythm between snare drums and cymbals. The lyrics, based on a poem by Diego de Souza, establish a character who no longer recognizes himself in his own paranoia. The end of the song even finds a game where the voices respond to the concerns of the character in the song in the form of a chorus. The lyrics say “Keep on calling me” (keep calling me) and the backing responds, as if it were the call: “Hey”. In the same vein, the character says that what he is feeling is like a hero. There is a feeling of bewilderment. All she seeks is “endorphin” which is precisely a substance that the body develops to support stressful situations.

The final mixing and production of the song was done by Celo Oliveira, musician from the bands Fleesh and Hydria, who has already consolidated production work in the rock and metal scene. This partnership is what provided the aggressive and somewhat anguished sound of the song. The cover is another project by vocalist Emanuel Morais, who plays with each band member’s favorite monsters in a true metamorphosis. Can you identify them all? And most importantly: can you identify yourself?

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