How Would It Feel To Know The Truth: Indigo Daydream Premieres A Brand New Single

Totnes, UK indie artist Indigo Daydream premieres a new single today. How Would It Feel To Know The Truth is the third single that comes right after Life Might Not Be Real and Enter The Indigo Daydream. This particular composition examines works such as Alice In Wonderland, The Matrix and tickles the listeners to question life, reality, and the world as we know it. How Would It Feel To Know The Truth encourages all curious minds to dig deep under the surface and reveal all the secrets. Indigo Daydream has a clever method for this particular theme, so the artist mainly relies upon psychedelic ambiance during the entire composition.

How Would It Feel To Know The Truth maybe appears like a dream pop song, but like the themes covered in it, it hides all the sonic delicacies beneath the surface. You’ll stumble upon some psychedelic rock, indie rock, shoegaze, nineties rock, and any other similar genre you could think of while listening to this number. The entire composition provides a nearly cathartic experience through a series of ear-appealing melodies, harmonies, ambiances, and moderate rhythmic sequences. How Would It Feel To Know The Truth is a relaxing dream pop experience you surely don’t want to miss. The single is available for listening on all streaming services.

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