Kinch Returns After A Longevous Hiatus With A Brand New Single

Kinch returns after a ten-year hiatus with a brand new single. Sympathy picks up where the Kinch left a decade ago. The group unleashes another outstanding piece of artistry that bursts with brilliant ideas and exceptional musicianship. These experienced musicians are no strangers when it comes to writing, composing, recording, producing tremendous indie songs, so Sympathy is no exception either. This time, Kinch decided to include another dosage of catchy melodies, loads of harmonious tones, mellow-sounding riffs, catchy chord progressions, cleverly assembled basslines, and robust rhythmic segments. Without any doubt, all these elements are part of the complex sonic formula that will unquestionably blow you away.

Sympathy possesses an outstanding sound that follows all the trends in contemporary music production, so you’ll hear all the instrumentations with ease. It’s one of those indie rock songs that immediately gets into your head and refuses to go away. Don’t miss this one out if you’re profoundly into this genre. Kinch toured for several years and performed at SXSW, CMJ, Warped Tour, Summerfest, and many more. They also toured as a support band for Local H and opened for legendary Jimmy Eat World. Sympathy was produced and mixed by a longtime Kinch collaborator Alex Pasco, whose long list of credits includes Foo Fighters, Beck, Sir Paul McCartney, and many more. The single is available for listening on all streaming services.

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