FROSTisRAD Experiments With Pop-Punk Sound On Sometimes I Just Want To Be Alone

Detroit, US artist FROSTisRAD promotes one of his latest singles called Sometimes I Just Want To Be Alone. Frostisrad is famous for experimentations with different approaches, technics and occasionally switching music genres. This time, he decided to incorporate contemporary pop-punk in his music, which resulted in a deep and meaningful composition. Besides the sheer dominance of pop-punk sound, you may notice how FROSTisRAD included some other elements of melodic punk rock, indie rock, and indie-pop. He also stayed loyal to his roots and added hip-hop aesthetics to this single. Therefore, Sometimes I Just Want To Be Alone has something for everyone, even if you’re not into the beforementioned music genres.

This number bursts with catchy arpeggiated chord progressions, distorted riffs, echoic ambiance, and an exceptionally produced rhythm section. FROSTisRAD paid so much attention while composing, producing, and arranging Sometimes I Just Want To Be Alone, so there’s no way you’ll miss any melody, harmony, accentuation, bassline, or drumbeat while listening to this ear-appealing song. Also, the artist announced that the filming of the video for this particular single starts on December 9th, so keep your eyes peeled on social media for more detailed information. Until then, you can listen to the track on all streaming platforms.

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