I Am The Drug: Them Velvet Tongues Recently Released A Debut Single

Them Velvet Tongues
Photo By Gaz Davies

Them Velvet Tongues recently released a debut composition that features all the best elements of rock music. Perhaps the group is relatively new, and this is their debut composition, but Them Velvet Tongues consists of experienced musicians who know how to write, compose, record, produce energetic rock’n’roll songs. Besides the sheer dominance of modern rock’n’roll, you’ll solely enjoy their take on seventies hard rock, garage rock, grunge, and nineties alternative rock. Them Velvet Tongues take the best of both worlds, then experiment and explore to the very depths of these subgenres. That’s the main reason why I Am The Drug sounds and appears as a giant slab of noise that threatens to crush all the bones in your body, but of course, there’s even more than meets the eye.

Them Velvet Tongues
Photo By Gaz Davies

I Am The Drug carries powerful riffs, classic hard rock solos, and an immensely dynamic rhythm section. Them Velvet Thongues fully stacked this song with slightly calmer alter-rock segments, grungy aesthetics, the dirtiness of garage rock, the sheer energy of punk rock, plus many more details you’ll grasp as soon as you check out this outstanding track. I am positively sure I Am The Drug will remain on your rock’n’roll playlist for a very long time. The single is available for listening on all streaming services.

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