Penny Was Right Release Second Single From The Upcoming Album Happy Machine

Paris-based skate punk band Penny Was Right released their 2nd video/single Told U So from their upcoming album Happy Machine last Friday! Although relatively unknown, the first video already hit remarkable >3500 views on YouTube and got some nice reviews.

The new song Told U So talks about close relationships that crumble. This kind of feeling that you have had for a long time, you cry out for help and despite everything, nothing changes. They shout it in your face with their polyphonic chorus and try to shake you awake with their guitar breaks. But there you go, you knew it would happen, but it turned out badly and you had seen it coming. The video, in comparison to the first one, which was a neatly told story, is a “live” shot that shows the power of the band and singer Dalia.

The new Penny Was Right album Happy Machine will be released on December 10th, 2021. The band delivers energetic and unpretentious music at the crossroads of Californian punk rock and pop-rock, especially with Dalia’s voice, which sometimes reminds us of P!NK. Influenced by the icons of the movement (Blink 182, Sum41, Billy Talent), Penny Was Right is also inspired by other bands such as Rise Against, Alter Bridge, The Distillers or even Bring Me the Horizon.

Release show in Paris is set up in December and they are also requested to play on Rebellion festival (UK) newcomer stage 2022, after the festival originally scheduled for 2020 had to be canceled for well-known reasons. Further concerts in France and Germany are planned. The album is released by German label Upstartz Records.

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