Moretti Unleashes A Brand New Single Today

Bradford, UK alternative/indie rock group Moretti unleashes a brand new single named D’ya Care. This particular composition bursts with powerful chord progressions, melodies, harmonies, thoughtfully assembled basslines, and energetic drumming. D’ya Care carries such strong nineties alternative and indie rock vibes, but you may also notice generous servings of Brit-pop or plain modern rock’n’roll music. The group aimed for an energetic, dynamic, cheerful, danceable number that will unquestionably force all the listeners to dance to the rhythm. D’ya Care serves as a proper follow-up to their previous release, a four-song extended play, released in 2020.


This composition will almost instantly throw you back to the mid-nineties, when alternative, indie rock, and Brit-pop genres were popular the most. D’ya Care has quite a specific ambiance that reminds of some of the most popular songs previously released by the renowned greats of these genres. Still, Moretti keep their orchestrations as fresh and unique as possible, so this number can easily fit under the contemporary alternative and indie rock branch as well. D’ya Care is available for listening on all streaming platforms.







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