Geenger Records Surprises With A Batch Of Eight New Releases

Once again, Geenger Records proves that it is one of the most prolific record labels in the Balkan region, with eight tremendous releases that will satisfy everybody’s taste in music. This Croatian label has released countless recordings since 2010, and it seems like it is speeding up as time passes. The latest batch includes some new additions, but you may also stumble upon some older groups who stayed loyal to this label for years.

Ippio Payo & Genelabo – Nobody Answers Questions LP

On Nobody Answers Question, Croatian artist Ippio Payo teamed up with German visual artist Genelabo to deliver profoundly experimental full-length that spans from avant-garde forms to more world music/ethno landscapes. Order/stream: HERE

Bronze – Ticking Bomb LP

Serbian hardcore heavyweights are no strangers to the underground scene. Bandmembers were previously active in bands, such as Mob Law, Member Of Da Family, Hitman, Fullsize, Deadrise, Violent Chapter, Plavo, so they continue to wreak havoc with their newest band. Order/stream: HERE

In From The Cold – Isolation Blues LP

In From The Cold are back heavier than ever. You can expect nothing but a gritty, sludgy, fuzzy, half-step stoner/sludge/doom metal anthems performed by the veterans of the Belgrade underground scene. Order/stream: HERE

Dunja Knebl & Roko Margeta – Songbook Songs CD

Once again, Croatian singer/songwriter/acoustic performer Dunja Knebl teamed with Roko Margeta for a new set of cover songs. This time, Dunja and Roko explore, examine and experiment with a comprehensive collection of world music/ethno songs, relying upon their sense for composition rather than paying attention to their original interpretation. Order/stream: HERE

Šarena Pojava – Ravnoteža

Croatian alternative/indie/hip-hop group Šarena Pojava shakes the foundations of these genres with excellent lyrics and catchy music. The group delivers tremendous amounts of entertainment, energy, dynamics, and you should check out their hilarious music videos. Order/stream: HERE

Rebel Star – Početak I Kraj LP

Indie pop mastermind Milan Glavaški returns with another masterpiece. Empowered by a brand new line-up, he continues to deliver ear-appealing indie rock tunes that deal with everyday struggles, relationships, and life in general. Order/stream: HERE

Planeta Užasa – S/T EP

Mysterious Croatian hardcore punk trio delivers their debut extended play that sounds and appears as it came from the depths of hell. You should definitely check out their debut EP if you’re into fast, dirty, aggressive hardcore punk music, enhanced by the intelligent lyrics. Order/steam: HERE

Fluid Underground – Crni Kilovati

Southern Serbian stoner/alternative rock group Fluid Underground returns with another full-length named Crni Kilovati. The band relies upon their devotion to stoner, sludge, metal, alternative rock, grunge sound, but you can expect some pleasant surprises along the way. Order/stream: HERE

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