The Institutes Are Promoting Their Latest Single

The Institutes are promoting their latest single I Just Can’t Keep Myself From Loving You all over streaming platforms. The group enhanced this song with a psychedelic video that vividly resembles the video footages previously published by the greats of the genre. Despite being released on May 11th, I Just Can’t Keep Myself From Loving You already received loads of positive critics from music critics and the broader auditorium so that only speaks about the quality of this composition. It is their second single for 42’s Records, taken from the upcoming Colosseums, a full-length album set for release later this year.

The Institutes

Vocalist Reid Zappa Currie, on this epic ‘wall of sound’ anthem: “It’s a song about passionate unconditional love for something or someone, without any choice, no matter what they put you through, no matter what they think of you or what they give in return. Love-Hate relationships, addictions anything that might be a burden of love, a commitment of passion and pain”

The Institutes - I Just Can't Keep Myself From Loving You

I Just Can’t Keep Myself From Loving You evokes the nineties, the golden years for alternative rock, indie rock, garage rock, shoegaze, dream pop, and rock music in general. This composition contains all these elements, merged all together in harmony, but The Institutes are not stopping there. The group spices things up with catchiness, melancholy, and contemporary production. Therefore, The Institutes continuously balance between retro and present music trends, so I Just Can’t Keep Myself From Loving You can resonate in such a distinctive manner. This song showcases the brilliance of this highly creative indie rock band and places them on the very top of the current indie rock scene. I Just Can’t Keep Myself From Loving You is available on streaming services such as Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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