Beatnikparty Promotes A Brand New Single

Beatnikparty - Pyramid Song (Never Been To New Jersey)

A creative Coolidge, AZ punk rock duo Beatnikparty promote their latest double single called Pyramid Song (Never Been To New Jersey). This recording consists of two catchy compositions, Pyramid Song (Never Been To New Jersey) and Satan Don’t Want Me For No Love Toy. This interesting duo simultaneously explores several genres through their highly engaging music. Perhaps post-punk dominates the most, but you may also hear ingredients such as art-punk, art-rock, alternative rock, indie rock, and punk rock. However, the duo doesn’t stop there, so you will hear some other elements during this ear-appealing journey. Without any doubt, Beatnikparty will keep your attention from scratch to finish.

The band stripped down their music to two instruments but sounds powerful enough to fit into post-punk standards. Perhaps there are only drums and a bass guitar, but Beatnikparty proves the rhythm section is more than enough for writing proper punk tunes. You may hear the resemblance with renowned groups that dominated the charts back from the late seventies to the late eighties. The resemblance with Joy Division, Devo, NoMeansNo, The Cure, Wire, Mission Of Burma, Talking Heads, and many other well-known groups is unquestionably hearable on both tracks, but Beatnikparty are spicing things up with their personal touch.






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