Say Kids Are Back With A New Single In Over A Year

Say Kids

The Nashville finest indie-rock quartet Say Kids promotes Honeydew, their latest single. Heavily inspired by renowned groups such as The Band, The Swampers, and The Wailers, Say Kids are coming back with a blast. Honeydew carries profoundly detailed, unique, sophisticated sound that will enlighten everyone who dares to open heart and mind to their highly engaging melodies. With their catchy melodies, harmonies, exceptional musicianship, and outstanding lead vocals, Say Kids are more than ready to impress old fans and gather some new ones.

Say Kids - Honeydew

You will be blown away by their funky approach to an indie rock sound, with subtle touches of nineties groove, rock and roll, alternative, and classic pop. The band was obviously hyped to get back in the studio and continue working on what they do the best. After a year-long retreat from performing, rehearsing, songwriting, composing, producing, Say Kids are back with a tremendous single that will knock your shoes off if you are profoundly into flawlessly executed indie rock.

Say Kids

This is what frontman of the group Payton Smith had to say about their latest single: “I wanted to capture the fear one gets when you don’t hear from someone you care about; to signify the ignorance we sometimes choose to blissfully live in despite the intensity or danger of the moment/circumstance. In some instances, you are unsure of whether your worries are just symptoms of paranoia or fear of your nightmares clouding your dreams”.

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