Suzi Moon - Call The Shots 12" - Pirates Press Records

Suzi Moon – Call The Shots 12″ (Pirates Press Records)

Suzi Moon - Call The Shots 12" - Pirates Press Records

It’s difficult to talk about anything related to punk rock and avoid the name such as Suzi Moon. Her name has become a trademark as soon as she joined Civet, where she established herself as a brilliant singer-songwriter. Civet gave her an opportunity to record a couple of albums for legendary Hellcat Records and share the stage with renowned names such as Social Distortion, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, and many others. After Civet’s departure, she decided to form another tremendous band called Turbulent Hearts, a powerful trio that immediately gained popularity within the Los Angeles punk rock scene, and their exposure increased even more as the years went by. This trio gave her an opportunity to play on widely known punk rock festivals, such as Rebellion and Punk Rock Bowling. Still, Suzi Moon felt like she needs more space to express herself, so she co-founded another trio LA Machina. This trio instantly caught the eye of Alternative Records, which resulted in releasing their debut EP recording.

After a while, Suzi decided to pursue a solo career but still remain active with both Turbulent Hearts and LA Machina. This decision led to Call The Shots, her debut extended play that carries three powerful punk rock compositions. Pirates Press Records heavily promoted this material with a single and video for Special Place In Hell, where Suzi pays homage to Repulsion, a horror/thriller movie by Roman Polanski. This recording resonates with so much power, dynamics, and melodies that you’ll probably continiously spin this record for days. Suzi Moon showcases her take on punk rock, which will unquestionably be a special treat for those who’re into catchy, energetic, abrasive-sounding music. She established the foundations of her sound around punk rock and decorated them with generous servings of garage rock and rock’n’roll, but also kept the aggression of punk rock upfront. Still, you may also hear how horror punk affected her songwriting while listening to Special Place In Hell.

It’s nearly mindblowing how Suzi Moon transformed plain and simple chord progressions into something entirely new and unique. She managed to freshen up basic guitar maneuvers into full-blown rock’n’roll anthems, enhanced and decorated by generous dosages of garage rock. Her music showcases loads of ear-appealing chord progressions, robust rock’n’roll-driven riffages, semi-distorted basslines, and excellent rhythmic maneuvers. However, nothing matches her powerful vocal performance that gives the chills down the spine throughout the entire EP. Suzi Moon invested blood, sweat, heart, and soul into these numbers and the evidence is right here, packed into three intense punk rock songs. Suzi thought about everything while writing, composing, performing, and recording these tunes. From perfectly structured segments to catchy arrangements, Suzi Moon shines bright on the spotlight.

The official release date for Call The Shots is May 21st. The pre-orders are starting from May 7th, and you can grab this gem on vinyl or listen to it on the desired streaming services. Head over to Pirates Press Records for more detailed information about ordering.




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