Eat Dirt – Death Is Death LP (Bearded Punk Records)

Eat Dirt - Death Is Death LP - Bearded Punk Records

I knew this album would be right up my alley since I stumbled upon cover artwork for the first time. We all probably have the sixth sense that some records will blow us away by just staring at the visual identity of the particular vinyl, so that’s happened with Death Is Death by Eat Dirt. Everything about this record seems right. From the colors over the illustrations to meaningness, Death Is Death resonates in a specific way. For those who are encountering this band for the first time, Eat Dirt is a superb melodic punk rock quintet from London, the UK, which will knock your socks off as soon as you decide to spin this vinyl on your turntable.

Death Is Death is their debut full-length recording, released by the always prolific Bearded Punk Records from Belgium. This particular album carries fourteen blistering punk rock tunes for your listening pleasure. Previously, the group released a couple of recordings, such as self-titled EP and Welcome To The Shithouse-On-Sea EP. However, nothing compares to the immense power of their debut full-length. The entire group operates as bone-wrecking machinery from scratch to finish. Besides the dominant presence of melodic punk rock, Eat Dirt includes the vividly hearable elements of melodic hardcore and contemporary pop-punk music to spice things up a little bit more. Therefore, their sonic articulations appear even more detailed than you would regularly expect from a melodic punk rock band.

Perhaps nineties melodic punk rock meets modern melodic hardcore would be the best description of their sound. The group takes the best of both worlds and merges it into a harmonious slab of ear-appealing noise. Their music resembles the best albums you could pull from Epitaph, Fat Wreck, or Revelation catalogs back in the days, but Death Is Death avoids any similarities with renowned melodic punk rock groups. Eat Dirt worked on their sound so they could sound fresh and unique. There’s something about their well-balanced guitars, vividly hearable basslines, and a profoundly dynamic rhythm section that keeps the listener’s attention throughout the complete album. Just add up some screaming lead vocals, melodic singalongs, wondrously produced instruments, and you got yourself a tremendous punk rock masterpiece.

You should consider picking up this vinyl, mainly because it contains all you ever wanted from a melodic punk rock band. Death Is Death has the looks and the sound you need when you desperately crave melody, power, and dynamics. The album comes in an eye-peeling mean mustard color variant, so head over to Bearded Punk Records and treat yourself with this masterpiece.

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