Doors In The Labyrinth - In The Shadow Of The Monolith

Doors In The Labyrinth – In The Shadow Of The Monolith

Doors In The Labyrinth - In The Shadow Of The Monolith

It’s been a while since we covered some goth or darkwave music on our pages. Today, I would like to introduce to you the Doors In The Labyrinth, a post-goth/darkwave project by Josh Loughrey. Besides Doors In The Labyrinth, Josh also composes film scores and worked on groups/projects such as Pancreatic Aarvarks, Ghost Estates, Narse, and The Good Neighbors. Since the beginnings, he released countless recordings with Doors In The Labyrinth, such as Rumor Of Escape, Christopher Lee Is Dead, The Sound Of Her Wings, Death In Paris, Death In Paris/Two Ravens, Restless, Cold Winter, Foundations, Something Wicked and God’s Love. Judging by his presence on the underground scene, Josh Loughrey is a prolific artist who merges his passion for music with bright ideas to create some exceptional tunes.

In The Shadow Of The Monolith is a brand new album that will be released around the 15th of March. This album serves as a comprehensive collection of thoughtfully arranged compositions that are going way beyond the beforementioned genres. Perhaps the post-goth and darkwave are the primary weapons of choice for Doors In The Labyrinth, but this project unveils more than meets the eye as you dig deeper into this album. Surely, you could easily classify this material as goth rock, post-goth, or darkwave recording, but there are also elements of epic, Celtic, industrial, post-ambient, and alternative rock involved along the way. Josh incorporates all these music genres into Doors In The Labyrinth with such ease, so you’ll notice how each ingredient is tremendously combined to perfection.

This particular album carries a subtle dark, depressive, melancholic, epic, monolithic ambiance that pervades the listening apparatus from every possible direction. The synth melodies and echoic ambient sequences are punching directly in the face, while the exceptionally produced rhythm section gives a stable, dynamic, and robust note to the overall listening experience. Guitars are liberating generous portions of saturated distortion to the abovementioned atmospheres, while the bass introduces low-end tones that give even more power to these chord progressions. Josh’s lead vocals are giving that characteristic goth rock vibe to these numbers, but he also handles the epic/Celtic-themed songs like a progressional. The entire material is written, composed, performed, and recorded to perfection.

In The Shadow Of The Monolith will be available on the 15th of March at streaming services like Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and YouTube. You should definitely keep your eyes peeled on this one if you’re into an epic-sounding goth, post goth, or darkwave music.




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