For I Am - Late Bloomers LP - Various Labels

For I Am – Late Bloomers LP (Various Labels)

For I Am - Late Bloomers LP - Various Labels

Everyone needs some pop-punk from time to time. No matter if you’re the toughest hardcore punk guy on the scene, politically charged crustie, or you prefer grinding those rails near banks, you unquestionably need some mellow sounds to cheer you up. Sometimes it’s so hard to admit it to your fellow scenesters, but that’s how it is. Pop-punk has been a guilty pleasure to many punk rockers for decades, and that’s the stone-cold truth, whether you like it or not. Late Bloomers is one of those albums that instantly gets under your skin. It’s a comprehensive collection of exceptionally performed pop-punk anthems that should be in record collections of every punk rocker who seeks perfection in melodic punk rock. For I Am emanates from Antwerp, Belgium, and this is their most advanced recording to date, released sometime near the end of 2019. Previously, this outstanding punk rock quintet released a couple of recordings, such as a debut demo recording, 15 Minutes Late CD EP, and a debut full-length album named All About Perspective.

Late Bloomers comes fully stacked with fifteen energetic pop-punk compositions decorated with luxurious arrangements. The songs are thoughtfully structured to satisfy even the pickiest admirer of this specific subgenre of punk rock, but like it’s always the case, there’s more than meets the eye. Besides polyphonous pop-punk harmonies, you will stumble upon dynamic skate punk melodies, robust melodic hardcore riffages, and other similar orchestrations. We’re dealing with highly skilled musicians who planned every possible movement throughout the entire album without sounding pretentious and repetitive. The first thing you’ll notice is the tremendous vocal abilities of their lead singer, who completely nails every tone throughout the recording. Her vocal range outstandingly covers the melodies with some high-pitched acrobatics. Sometimes the vocals are going on for half, whole, or almost two octaves, but she tremendously performs low tones as well.

The guitars are bursting with pure skills from scratch to finish. Their dueling provides enough melodies on each number, so if you’re profoundly into technically demanding pop-punk chord progressions, polyphonic leads, energetic guitar shreds, and other ear-appealing technicalities, then Late Bloomers will be instantly up your alley. Vividly hearable low-end sounds are punching from beneath and provide more than necessary support to these guitar maneuvers. However, these basslines are also liberating another dosage of melodies to the overall ambiance. Last but not least comes mathematically precise drumming performance, fully stacked with vigorous rhythmical segments, building accentuations, drum fills, and other acrobatics. The entire group operates as singular machinery that bursts with ultimate precision.

Late Bloomers comes in various vinyl variants such as neon orange, neon purple, neon yellow, and neon red. The album is also available on compact disc, cassette, but it’s also streamable over all the possible streaming services. Head over to Bearded Punk Records, La Agonia De Vivir, Fond Of Life Records, Lockjaw Records, Punk & Disorderly Records, No Reason Records, Sound Speed Records, or Milestone Sounds for more detailed information about ordering. Don’t miss this one out!




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