Brendon Moon - Brendon Moon LP

Brendon Moon – Brendon Moon LP

Brendon Moon - Brendon Moon LP

Everyone needs some chillout music from time to time. It’s a hard truth almost the vast majority of music consumers don’t want to admit in the first place, especially if they’re into the underground music scene. Nevertheless, we all have favorite albums or playlists for Sunday mornings, day-offs, vacations, or any other occasion when the chillout music works the best. A debut self-titled album by Sydney, Australia native Brendon Moon is more than a perfect choice if you need a soundtrack that will revive you from stressful situations and restore your faith in humankind. It’s a collection of ear-appealing numbers gentle enough to brighten up your day.

This debut material represents a comprehensive collection of dreamy indie-rock compositions, delicate enough to evoke all the senses in the listeners. However, Brendon includes a lot more than simplified indie rock maneuvers by incorporating elements of shoegaze, dream pop, indie pop, indie folk, and alternative. These ingredients are painting a very detailed picture throughout this delightful recording, but Brendon doesn’t stop there. There’s a particular dosage of cinematic ambiance that pervades this material from every possible direction. This album leaves an impression like these numbers were written, composed, arranged to mimic traveling through the endless colorful landscapes. Just imagine bright sun lights and calming blurriness over the top. This material precisely depicts neverending explorations through outstanding dreamy harmonies that are resonating with so much power.

You’ll notice how Brendon incorporates acoustic and semi-distorted guitars in his music. Each arpeggiated chord progression resonates with a dosage of melancholy, dreaminess, and calmness. There’s a reasonable amount of studio reverb, delay, and echo effects, which are enhancing these harmonizations on an entirely new level. Still, these effects are giving more space and depth to the overall atmosphere. The rhythm section keeps everything in line as much as possible, but it also provides stability to the beforementioned guitar melodies. Brendon’s recognizable lead vocals are levitating between calmy whispers to high-pitched chants with such ease. His vocal abilities are contributing to these orchestrations with another polyphonous layer that pairs with the melodies.

You should definitely pay closer attention to this album if you’re into a shoegazey driven indie pop-rock with a strong presence of cinematic ambiance. Brendon Moon is an outstanding artist capable of composing detailed tunes that will melt your heart and heal your soul. His debut full-length is available at Spotify and Apple Music, so give it a listen.



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