Fashion Bird Danger Danger – Phanerothymes LP

Fashion Bird Danger Danger is a psychedelic pop supergroup consisting of John Wlaysewski and Olive Hui (Late Cambrian), Matthew Milligan and Joey Slater (Wheatus), Lisa Hammer (Mors Syphilitica, Triana Orpheus on Venture Bros), and Levi Wilson (Radiana). These highly experienced musicians shared samples and ideas back and forth between August and December of 2020, during… Read More Fashion Bird Danger Danger – Phanerothymes LP

David Christy Jones – Welcome To Virology

The only positive thing about this situation with a pandemic is that creativity blooms inside creative minds, musicians, and artists. The musicians have a lot more spare time to write, compose, record, produce compositions which will later become an integral part of their recordings. David Christy Jones is one of those musicians who wisely spent… Read More David Christy Jones – Welcome To Virology

Alpha Cat – Pearl Harbor 2020

Elizabeth McColough’s story about this particular album is quite interesting. It makes me wonder about other artists and their stories about the recording process, various circumstances, fortunate and unfortunate events that somehow affected their songwriting and life. Elizabeth briefly explained everything about songwriting, composing, recording process but also thoroughly told the story about the people… Read More Alpha Cat – Pearl Harbor 2020

Captain Frederickson – Absolute Disaster

Sometimes instead of composing music about serious issues that globally struck upon humankind on a regular basis, musicians feel an urge to record music about hilarious stuff that no one would ever think. Captain Frederickson is one of those groups focusing on the humorous side of life, but still, the group supports charities with their… Read More Captain Frederickson – Absolute Disaster

Of Shadows And Lights – Almost Prophetic Visions And Thoughts

Of Shadows And Lights is a moniker of Angelo Pitone, accomplished singer, songwriter, and producer from Bari, Italy. Besides being an educated, experienced, and highly skilled musician, Angelo is a critically acclaimed artist, supported by an endless list of music websites, blogs, radio stations, podcasts, and Spotify playlists. There’s no even the tiniest sparkle of… Read More Of Shadows And Lights – Almost Prophetic Visions And Thoughts

The Kindest People – Director’s Cut

The Kindest People are returning with another brilliant material. Like their previous recordings, this particular album is one of many from the series of conceptual releases. Each release follows a specific concept, decorated by an appropriate music genre. Therefore, their material recorded in 2016 carries surf rock aesthetics, recording from 2018 includes elements of garage… Read More The Kindest People – Director’s Cut

Cry Red – Everything And The Space In Between

There’s something about this band that keeps me pumped to dig deeper into their debut album. Maybe it’s because of the clever arrangements, subtle melodies, delicate notes, or song structures. Who knows, but one thing is for sure, their music deserves your uttermost attention if you’re profoundly into fully detailed indie rock. Cry Red is… Read More Cry Red – Everything And The Space In Between

Pennan Brae – Lit LP

Pennan Brae decided to make a proper comeback with his latest offering to the broader auditorium. His latest full-length recording, simplistically named Lit, offers ten cheerful rock’n’roll compositions gradually infused by the recognizable power-pop vibe. His music vividly resembles the classic rock’n’roll sound of the seventies and eighties, highlighted with catchy pop twists and turns… Read More Pennan Brae – Lit LP

The Electric Lovehandles – Back From The Dead

Perhaps The Electric Lovehandles is relatively a new band, but the people involved in this group are experienced musicians with decades spent in the music industry. The group consists of Chris Keaney (principal songwriter, lead vocals, guitar), Ian Graham (backing vocals, bass guitar), and Mark Shilton (backing vocals, drums). Since their formation in 2019, this… Read More The Electric Lovehandles – Back From The Dead