Carved Into The Sun - S/T LP

Carved Into The Sun – S/T LP

Carved Into The Sun - S/T LP

Carved Into The Sun is a Californian solo project, entirely operated by Eric Reifinger. He released a debut self-titled recording several months ago. Previously, he published One EP that includes two longevous compositions. Eric is responsible for everything considering writing, composing, arranging, and producing, while the material is mixed by Beau Burchell and mastered by Mike Kalajian. The debut full-length includes four extensive numbers that will unquestionably gather some positive critics from the admirers of atmospheric post-rock and post-metal music. It’s worth mentioning that Leanna White is responsible for the eye-peeling visual identity of Carved Into The Sun. Her graphic design captures the ambiance of this profoundly detailed material.

Carved Into The Sun explores endless possibilities through arpeggiated chord progressions and detailed melodic themes. All of a sudden, these elements are evolving into a colossal beast willing to crush everything in the broader radius. Both arpeggiated instrumentations and polyphonous thematics are quite impressive. They are leading through an atmospheric journey to the initial core of Carved Into The Sun. However, this material includes massive segments and much heavier moments along this journey, implemented as building sequences that retain ferocious dynamics. Every piece of this exceptional musical puzzle represents a vital ingredient, tremendously arranged till perfection.

Carved Into The Sun includes all the essentials of both post-rock and post-metal sound, so you’ll notice a strong presence of reverb, echo, and delay effect. Nevertheless, these guitar effects are not overwhelming the remaining portion of the involved instruments. Besides the predominant effects implemented on guitar channels, you may hear a subtle addition of a studio reverb over the remaining orchestrations. Reverb gives that characteristic cave ambiance to the overall listening experience but also uplifts certain melodies on an entirely new level. Eric showcases extraordinary musicianship throughout the entire recording. His writing and composing skills go beyond comprehension in every possible way, while the detailed structures and brilliant arrangements are giving a colossal feel to this outstanding debut.

This recording comes on a beautiful clear with black and gold splatter vinyl, strictly limited to 300 copies. Eric decided to publish this material all by himself, in the true spirit of DIY ethics. You can also check out this recording at streaming services, such as Spotify and YouTube. Strongly recommended for the fans of outstandingly performed post-rock and post-metal sound.




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