V/A – DeepEnd! Chapter 2 (PDV Records / DeepEnd!)

Once again, prolific Croatian independent label PDV Records teamed up with Slovenian DeepEnd Movement to deliver another dosage of contemporary electronic music. This time, Chapter 2 presents four artists, so this compilation resembles more of a four-way split release than an actual compilation album. Nevertheless, if we put those unimportant aspects aside and place involved… Read More V/A – DeepEnd! Chapter 2 (PDV Records / DeepEnd!)

M:40 – Arvsynd CD (Halvfabrikat Records)

M:40 is a Swedish blackened crustcore quintet emanating from Lidköping. This group is a not so hidden gem on the Europian underground scene that roams around for almost two decades, with outstanding records filling their impressive back catalog along the way. Since their formation in 2002, M:40 has released recordings such as Tomma Ord Är… Read More M:40 – Arvsynd CD (Halvfabrikat Records)

Low Standards, High Fives – How Personality Works 12″ EP (Various Labels)

Low Standards, High Fives are coming back with another brilliant material that will amaze all the admirers of alternative, indie rock, and emo music. This Turin, Italy-based quintet evolves as time passes by, and their previous recordings such as Revolushhh EP, Enough EP, Are We Doing The Best We Can, and Monument Lake House are… Read More Low Standards, High Fives – How Personality Works 12″ EP (Various Labels)

E.N.D. – A Grave Deceit EP (Geenger Records)

It’s been a while since E.N.D. has released some new recordings. Still, judging by their latest material meaningfully named A Grave Deceit, this Croatian groove/thrash/math metal trio doesn’t have any intentions to stop in the nearer future. E.N.D. are continuously evolving into an even greater entity throughout nearly twenty-five years of their existence as a… Read More E.N.D. – A Grave Deceit EP (Geenger Records)

Dirty Fonzy – The Sky Can Fall On Us CD

Dirty Fonzy is a longstanding French punk rock group emanating from Albi. The band recorded an impressive amount of recordings throughout the years, and it’s following a tradition of regular live performances at various events, venues, gigs, etc. In their decade and a half running career, Dirty Fonzy has recorded Comix Tattoo EP, a single… Read More Dirty Fonzy – The Sky Can Fall On Us CD

Born Infected – Self Reflection CD (Engineer Records)

Born Infected is a brand new hardcore punk band based in Winterswijk, Netherlands. Perhaps the group is a newly established unit, but some of their band members are familiar names on the local scene. Ronald, Stan, and Patrick already played together in bands such as Past Our Means and Crawfish. With the addition of Pascal… Read More Born Infected – Self Reflection CD (Engineer Records)

Gisaza – Assassin 12″ EP (PDV Records / DeepEnd!)

Gisaza is a mysterious dubstep outlet presumably originating from Ljubljana, Slovenia. The enigmatic producer refuses to reveal his true identity and solely focuses on his musical expression to articulate with the broader auditorium. Gisaza’s slightly grimy approach to dubstep sound goes beyond the boundaries of the genre itself, mainly because of the comprehensive collection of… Read More Gisaza – Assassin 12″ EP (PDV Records / DeepEnd!)