The Drowns – Demons Flexi 7” (Pirates Press Records)

The Drowns - Demons Flexi 7'' - Pirates Press Records

The Drowns are American Oi! band from Seattle, Washington that’s been active for quite some time now. In 2018, the group released a debut full-length album called View From The Bottom. Just a year after their debut, The Drowns signed to Pirates Press Records, which led to a series of single releases such as Demons, The Sound, Hold Fast / Demons, Wolves On The Throne, and Black Lung, all included on their second recording entitled Under Tension. The group rapidly gains popularity mainly because of their ability to compose profoundly melodic punk rock anthems that are leaving a permanent mark.

Demons represents the first taste of The Drowns highly anticipated album Under Tension. The single comes on a beautiful picture Flexi 7” including the red and black imagery of an uprising crowd. However, it also comes as the first number at the B-Side of an Under Tension LP. The composition talks about fighting inner demons, fighting depression in uncertain times, but also being cautious about healing process. The author also covers the importance of the support we got from our friends, and how we can prevail all the problems when we’re united as one. It’s crucial to seek guidance from those who overcame these situations a long time before us, and some wise words can always help out.

Through Demons, The Drowns are offering a glimpse into profoundly melodic street punk music, drenched into semi-distorted four-chord progressions. Their music comes between compelling American Oi! sound and classic British punk rock music. You may hear subtle touches of rock’n’roll at some moments, but more as appealing accentuations that are perfectly highlighting presented melodies. The powerful singalongs are decorating beautiful choruses with thoughtfully arranged melodic chants, which are equally hearable throughout the entire composition. A compelling rhythm section liberates enough dynamics, so you’ll solely enjoy every single moment during the song. Everything about this number is perfect. From ear-appealing melodies to the tremendous dynamics, The Drowns considered every detail while composing this song.

Demons serve as a perfect introduction into the sound of The Drowns, and you’ll be blown away by their energetic approach to street punk music. Make sure to grab this Flexi 7” and their full-length Under Tension at Pirates Press Records web store.

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