The Lawrence Arms – Skeleton Coast LP (Epitaph Records)

The Lawrence Arms are back with another full-length album called Skeleton Coast. This Chicago, Illinois based trio delivers profoundly melodic punk rock for more than two decades, and they established a recognizable sound, which became quite popular among punk rockers. That is eventually the case with Skeleton Coast, but the album delivers a subtle dosage… Read More The Lawrence Arms – Skeleton Coast LP (Epitaph Records)

Toro Bravo – Tik Į Priekį! CD (Pasidaryk Pats Records)

Toro Bravo is one of the oldest and probably first Lithuanian antifascist Oi! groups that have been around since 1997. The group has loads of recordings such as The Best Of Toro Bravo, Kelias, Šventė Nesibaigia, Keisti Ipročiai, Tavo Vertybės, and Skausmas Nieko Nereiški. The group nurtured the DIY approach to publishing for years, so… Read More Toro Bravo – Tik Į Priekį! CD (Pasidaryk Pats Records)

Bear, Man Dangerous – Slow Violence EP

Bear, Man Dangerous emanates from Seattle, Washington. This solo project operates as a singular psychedelic shoegaze machinery under the conductor’s baton of Jason from Rest As Mutes. If you’re familiar with his previous endeavors, you’re probably aware that this experimentations with shoegaze are going far away from the crushing post-hardcore sound of his primary band.… Read More Bear, Man Dangerous – Slow Violence EP

Qoniak – Mutatio CD (Hummus Records)

Qoniak is an experimental electronic duo comprised of Vincent Membrez and Lionel Friedli. The group explores so many musical spheres that it’s so difficult to grasp their music in just one listening. This duo bases its sound on vintage analog machines, profoundly detailed synthesis, and a comprehensive collection of complex rhythmical maneuvers. The highly intelligent… Read More Qoniak – Mutatio CD (Hummus Records)

Ways Away – Ways Away LP (Other People Records)

Ways Away is a brand new supergroup comprised of some renowned musicians, well-known for being an integral part of some legendary pop-punk and hardcore punk bands for decades. The group consists of Sergie Loobkoff (Samiam, Knapsack, Racquet Club, Solea) on guitars, Jesse Barnett (Stick to Your Guns, Wish You Were Here) on vocals, Ian Smith… Read More Ways Away – Ways Away LP (Other People Records)