Tired Radio – Patterns CD (Engineer Records)

What started as a solo project, soon become a full-time band when Anthony Truzzolino joined forces with a drummer Kevin Daly. With his experience in writing profoundly emotive, depressive, sad lyrics and composing melancholic soothing melodies, Anthony compiled eight appropriate compositions for his debut mini-album. Kevin was a perfect addition to the lineup, and with a couple of other musicians, they’ve recorded Patterns, a comprehensive amalgam of soul healing tunes. Right with the first beats of this record, you may notice dozen of layers cleverly stacked to accommodate structured lyrics, carefully composed by Anthony. The artist unquestionably thought about each aspect of his uprising outlet that will, without any doubt, melt some hearts along the way.

Patterns are traveling deep down into the heart and soul of an overthinking individual, who tries to find the way out from desperation, and depression by examining various situations and circumstances. Anthony catalyzes his personal life experiences, relationships, friendships, actions, and tries to solve the tiny puzzles in life through detailed compositions. These combinations resulted in a thoughtfully structured material recorded till perfection. Tired Radio levitates somewhere between emo and indie sound, with spectacular elements based upon melodic punk rock music. Combinations like these are already proven formula, tested by the vast portion of preceding groups of the same genre, but like it usually appears, there’s more than meets the eye.

Lead guitar continuously punches the rhythm guitar with delicate melancholic themes, so characteristic for the indie scene. Nevertheless, the rhythm guitar tightens the overall atmosphere with classic melodic pop-punk chord progressions. Both guitars are pairing each other throughout the entire recording with such ease, so the sound is very detailed, complex, and layered to perfection. The appealing basslines are supporting these melodies with subtly distorted tones. Bass guitar soaks all the remaining distortion from guitars and roams somewhere in the middle of the mix. The drummer keeps things in line through a wide array of moderate tempos, arranged to support melancholic accentuations of the group. Tired Radio undoubtfully appears as a piece of giant melodic machinery ready to flood the room with a melancholic atmosphere.

If you’re looking out for a more precise definition, Tired Radio resembles the sound of some renowned groups, such as Knapsack, Rydell, Jawbreaker, Iron Chic, The Menzingers, Spanish Love Songs and a lot more. Patterns comes on a compact disc, housed inside a full-color cardboard sleeve. Head over to Engineer Records web store and treat yourself with this marvelous mini-album.

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