ṘO – Athalase LP

ṘO is a very productive post-rock quintet emanating from Azkoitia, Spain. The group has recorded several recordings promoted over streaming services such as Ilhunbean Esan Eginak EP, Aikor EP, and Tenk! EP. Therefore, Athalase is their debut full-length recording comprised of five diverse compositions. Besides their origins, there’s no additional info about the actual band,… Read More ṘO – Athalase LP

Notches – New Kinda Love LP (Dead Broke Rekerds / Salinas Records)

Notches are emo indie trio originating from Dover, New Hampshire. The band has released an impressive quantity of records since its establishment in 2013, such as demo recordings called Normal, Huge 7”, High Speed Crimes LP, Change My Mind 7”, a single named No Wonder Why, and Almost Ruined Everything LP. New Kinda Love is… Read More Notches – New Kinda Love LP (Dead Broke Rekerds / Salinas Records)

Arctic Horror – Cages EP

The current trend of bands nurturing metal aesthetics over the ferocious hardcore punk is on the rise. These particular combinations are unavoidable, especially if you’re knee-deep into the contemporary crust punk scene. Besides popular brews such as blackened crust, death crust, and neo-crust, newer groups also produce gracious portions of old school thrash metal elements… Read More Arctic Horror – Cages EP

AHNA – Crimson Dawn CS (Caligari Records)

AHNA is one of the coolest recent findings that once again validates my point about the mindblowing quality of the Vancouver scene. British Columbia has always been home to marvelous bands who’re sincerely into underground music, radical enough to bend genre postulates to accomplish some new musical frontiers. AHNA wander through underground crust punk scene… Read More AHNA – Crimson Dawn CS (Caligari Records)

No Time To Waste – 2020 CD (People Of Punk Rock Records)

No Time To Waste is a Portuguese melodic punk rock quintet coming from Albufeira. The band is kept as a hidden gem somewhere in the depths of the underground, but thanks to People Of Punk Rock Records, I’ve discovered their music over social media. By taking a simple look at the meaningful imagery showcased through… Read More No Time To Waste – 2020 CD (People Of Punk Rock Records)

City Of Industry – I Digress EP

The City Of Industry is an intense hardcore punk trio coming from Seattle, Washington. These guys are no strangers to our blog, considering that we’ve had the privilege to review Conspire Conspire Conspire, their debut full-length record. For those who’re not familiar with the City Of Industry, their music carries a meaningful message, enhanced by… Read More City Of Industry – I Digress EP

Chaotalion – Tannenholzrauch CD (Attenuation Circuit)

Attenuation Circuit Records have been rumbling around for a while. It’s mindblowing how much effort Sascha puts up into his releases, shows, tours, and his activism on the contemporary avant-garde scene skyrocketed the label to the top. It’s no wonder why this is the case considering the number of releases Attenuation Circuit has managed to… Read More Chaotalion – Tannenholzrauch CD (Attenuation Circuit)

Exploatör – Avgrundens Brant LP (Phobia Records / ByeBye Productions)

There are rumors about this record circling among underground circles. Although I’ve missed the initial release date for a couple of months, this highly anticipated release has already achieved the vinyl of the year status among some scenesters. I’ve received this news with no surprise knowing that musicians surrounding Exploatör have earned previous experience in… Read More Exploatör – Avgrundens Brant LP (Phobia Records / ByeBye Productions)

The Idoru – Old Songs 7” (Black Star Foundation)

The Idoru is back! The group emerging from the legendary Hungarian metalcore band Newborn is back after being on hiatus for nearly a decade. The band managed dozen of underground headliner tours throughout Europe since their formation in 2003 and released the impressive amount of great recordings such as After The Storm demo, Brand New… Read More The Idoru – Old Songs 7” (Black Star Foundation)