Kreysing / Penschuck / Stadlmeier – Re​-​Encypher CD (Attenuation Circuit)


If you paid closer attention to our previous posts about ambient, drone, and noise music, you certainly encountered our reviews about a very distinctive recording label such as Attenuation Circuit. The number of quality avant-garde records on Attenuation Circuit are unquestionably mindblowing, and label owner Sascha Stadlemeir puts a lot of his effort in aesthetics, imagery, and quality of the records published on an almost monthly basis. Re​-​Encypher is one the records from his opus that will definitely suit admirers of slightly cinematic dark ambient music, which has been saturated with a wide array of musique concrete experimentations. Besides being a publisher of this distinctive material, Stadlmeier also contributes as a performer. This time he is accompanied by Anja Kreysing (accordion, electronics, recording) and Dan Penschuck (percussion, synth, live effects), while Sascha performed on guitar, heater, wood, voice, effects and done mastering for this recording. Re​-​Encypher carries a couple of astoundingly orchestrated ambiances that bursts with a thoughtfully arranged horror atmosphere throughout the entire material. These dark ambiances and subtle drones have been used as centerpieces of the sumptuous compositions, while various musique concrete experimentations and predominant accordion segments are enhancing the cinematic horror vibe. Kreysing, Penschuck, and Stadlmeier are providing an intense atmosphere saturated with clever implementations that are soaked in occasional intermissions. These intermissions have been used as silent passages between various atonal themes, but they also maintain such an eerie vibe that will give you the chills in many cases. Both compositions deliberate these obscure mood swings, but these instrumentations are euphonious in some twisted way. The performance of these three artists provides a comprehensive collection of thoughtfully expressed instrumentations, carefully performed to accommodate horrific sonic imagery. The brilliance of Re-Encrypther lays down in its complexity, precision, and artistic freedom of these fine artists. Re-Encryther has been accompanied by a simplistic but effective artwork comprised of a square-shaped title, while the sepia-toned photography decorates the rest of the imagery at the very background. Head over to the Attenuation Circuit Bandcamp page, and preserve your digipak release.

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