Rovar17 – Csonkolt Tündér (Unsigned Records)

Rovar17 has been pretty much active with constant touring, so he took advantage of modern technologies and has recorded almost every live performance under this moniker. Csonkolt Tündér is actually an expanded maxi-single that has been re-issued in 2018. and it contains additional recordings from some aforementioned live performances. Besides previously released material, this expanded… Read More Rovar17 – Csonkolt Tündér (Unsigned Records)

Coconut Planters – S/T CD (Flamingo Records)

Coconut Planters are a brand new Italian melodic punk rock quartet that managed to publish a debut self-titled EP on Flamingo Records in a short period. The band is undoubtfully inspired by some Epitaph, Fat Wreck Chords, and Burning Heart heavyweights, but they certainly left loads of room for some pretty neat signature moves. One… Read More Coconut Planters – S/T CD (Flamingo Records)

Vanishing Point – An Answer You Won’t Find 7” (Triple-B Records)

It’s been a while since we posted anything regarding youth crew hardcore, and to be honest, somehow I put one of my favorite subgenres of hardcore aside without any particular reason. The following record I am about to review is an exceptional one because it encapsulates the golden era of youth crew hardcore into four… Read More Vanishing Point – An Answer You Won’t Find 7” (Triple-B Records)

Igralom – Sunovrat LP (Geenger Records / Ammonite Records)

If you fancy some afrobeat oriented rock’n’roll, which has been perpetuated with great musicianship, and distinctive vocals, then Igralom is more than the right choice for you. Their second full-length album called Sunovrat contains gracious portions of positive vibrations, perfectly saturated melodies, danceable rhythms, and retro-sounding production that reminiscent psychedelic music from the seventies. Still,… Read More Igralom – Sunovrat LP (Geenger Records / Ammonite Records)

Hedoromeruhen – Airs CD (Attenuation Circuits)

Hedoromeruhen is a Japanese noise duo comprised of Daisuke Ichiba and Yasutoshi Yoshida. They’ve met each other on an exhibition in Berlin in 2012, and they were both stimulated by each other performances, so they’ve determined to start Hedoromeruhen. With Daisuke being a painter and visual artist known as Bijinga, and Yasutoshi being a well… Read More Hedoromeruhen – Airs CD (Attenuation Circuits)

North Alone – Punk Is Dad CD (Country Bumpkin Records / Mad Drunken Monkey)

Manuel North is a German folk-punk solo artist, also known as North Alone. Besides his responsibilities on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, Manuel is almost always accompanied by So-Kumneth Sim, who’s performing on fiddle. North Alone has been also composed of additional musicians such as Chris Knoke on electric guitar, Michael Groom on bass guitar,… Read More North Alone – Punk Is Dad CD (Country Bumpkin Records / Mad Drunken Monkey)

Scavengers Circle – Beyond Repair CD

Scavengers Circle is a newly established crustcore duo from Västerås, Sweden. The band is comprised of Luka, who’s in charge of all the guitars, bass, vocals, and Johan who’s behind drums. Johan is also responsible for some additional vocals on this material. Beyond Repair is their debut full-length recording comprised of six ferocious compositions that… Read More Scavengers Circle – Beyond Repair CD

The Bedrooms – Passive Viewing LP (Domestic Departure)

The Bedrooms are a post-punk/new wave band established in Portland, Oregon, that has been on my radar for quite some time. The band is pretty much active, and so far they recorded a couple of recordings such as Dystopia Today, which has been published on the cassette in 2016, and Dystopia Today EP, that has… Read More The Bedrooms – Passive Viewing LP (Domestic Departure)