City Of Industry – Conspire Conspire Conspire LP (Amerikan Aesthetics Records)


The City Of Industry is an unstoppable wrecking crustcore machine tearing everything down in a wide radius. This compelling trio has been established in Seattle, Washington in 2017. and so far they’ve handled to record a Self-Titled CD EP and American Habits Are Hard To Break CD which has been both published throughout 2018. The band also posted a single named Guilt in late 2018. at their Bandcamp page. Judging by their sound, the band is profoundly inspired by the contemporary crust punk, powerviolence, and hardcore punk scene, so you’ll notice a lot of similarities with bands such as From Ashes Rise, Tragedy, Converge, Sect, Despise You, Coke Bust, His Hero Is Gone, Ceremony…etc. The City Of Industry bases their sound around obscure melancholic melodies, firm progressive riffs, compelling distorted basslines, and technically precise drumming. The band solely merges aesthetics of dark metallic hardcore punk with neo-crust punk melodies and rhythmical progressions of powerviolence music, so the dynamics at certain compositions are insanely good. However, the band mainly surround the foundations of their sound by encompassing mid-tempo rhythms, maintains them throughout the entire compositions with occasional explorations in more moderate or faster segments. Various guitar dualities between thoughtfully composed melodic sequences and tight metalcore riffs are wondrously precise and well played. Distorted basslines are acting as a glue between all these aforementioned components and they’re providing a lot of atmosphere to the entire listening experience. Vocals are so compact, durable, performed with a lot of confidence and the main vocalist sticks to the already proven formula based on screaming technics. The City Of Industry possesses all the great elements of modern crustcore band and I am positively sure these guys will make a certain breakthrough with Conspire Conspire Conspire, because of their startling ideas, memorable compositions and brilliant arrangements that are settling the entire record on a whole new level. Conspire Conspire Conspire has been published by Amerikan Aesthetics Records on standard black vinyl, clear pink purple black swirl variant, opaque pink with slight splatter variant, and mixed berry splatter variant. The album also comes on a compact disc, so there’s plenty of options to obtain your personal copy. Don’t miss your chance to check out and support this magnificent band.

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