Kontakta – Life In A Cage 7” (Militant Tendencies Records)


Kontakta is an anarcho-punk / d-beat band originating from Southampton, UK. Formed sometime in the summer of 2016, the band has released a debut demo recordings the same year and has announced a debut 7” recording called Life In A Cage with a digital single named Tory Scum in October this year. By simply looking at the impressive cover artwork made by Robert T. Baumer (AKA Soussherpa), Life In A Cage showcases some personal stances of the entire band. The cover art is comprised of a businessman or possibly a politician vivisecting the rabbit, while the colossus mutated rabbit approaches from behind to avenge all the animal species for the crimes of mankind towards all living creatures. The artwork is very effective, with all the animals being deceived in the tiny cages all around and it forces us to reconsider our consumption of meds, cosmetics, clothes or simply our eating habits and diets. Life In A Cages commences with an initial track called Burn My Eyes, an anarcho-punk song about sacrificing animals for the sake of profit, torturing them mentally by condemning them to live in tiny laboratory cages until they became victims of vivisection. It’s a great opening composition that settles important issues right on the table. The next one is called They Will Decide, and it talks about global thought control, monitoring our moves by installing cameras on every single corner, mobile tracking through GPS and social networks, all with the purpose of fake security and citizen protection. The band bursts sheer energy through impressive anarcho-punk riffs, mainly supported by a great dosage of d-beat rhythms and shouting vocals. Murdering Bastards criticizes a bullshit tradition built upon fox hunting that is massively popular in the UK. The band explains the psychopathic behavior behind every individual or group associated with this blood sport. This particular composition is a bit faster than the previous two, it’s much more energetic and Kontakta shows it’s full potential at this particular tune. The band concludes Life In A Cage with another great banger called Meat Your Meat. In this particular composition, Kontakta questions the morals of the carnivores, and how far each carnivore or omnivore would go when it comes to animal consumption. Like in the previous compositions, the band shares their personal thoughts about this important issue. Life In A Cage is thoughtfully arranged anarcho-punk EP which incorporates various important issues that are apparently more relevant today than forty years ago when this particular genre became quite popular among punk rockers. Kontakta thought about every single aspect of their release, from the cover artwork, brilliant music to intelligent lyrics that will urge you to reconsider your choices in life. Lige In A Cage has been published as a 7” record by Militant Tendencies Records, but you can also grab this exceptional piece of anarcho-punk history at the Kontakta’s Bandcamp page. However, this amazing EP is also available for a free download if you prefer digesting your music digitally.




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