Motus Vita Est – Mašina LP (PDV Records)

Motus Vita Est is one of the longevous Croatian hardcore punk bands from Zagreb and presumably one of the widely acknowledged acts outside the Balkan region. With over thirty years of career on their backs and legendary albums such as Vita Est (DIY, 1988), Cogito Aude (Sacro Egoismo, 1990), Razlike (Fast & Strong, 1998), Nasred… Read More Motus Vita Est – Mašina LP (PDV Records)

Bamwise – Soundproof LP (PDV Records)

Bamwise is an electronically fueled dub group originating from Zagreb, Croatia. Formed in 2007, these skillful musicians gathered by a mutual appreciation and admiration for electro dub music. The group combines three synthesizers, a rhythm machine, bass guitar, guitar, vocals, but they’re also incorporating video and sound effects with an aim to enhance the overall… Read More Bamwise – Soundproof LP (PDV Records)

Emerge – Materia CD (Attenuation Circuit)

Emerge is a widely known ambient / drone act from Augsburg, Germany. Emerge is operated by Sascha Stadlmeier, a very prolific multidisciplinary artist who also runs Attenuation Circuit, a brilliant avant-garde record label with dozen of exceptional artists on its roster. I’ve encountered his live performances a couple of times and with great assurance, I… Read More Emerge – Materia CD (Attenuation Circuit)

Ponor – Prah I Pepeo LP (DHPAK47 / PDV Records)

Ponor undoubtfully made a huge impact with Ovo Je Kraj, their debut album which has been published back in 2013. The band consolidated all the darkness, massiveness and sheer energy into it, emerging in a compelling album that will certainly be listened and remembered within the DIY punk community for many years. Prah I Pepeo… Read More Ponor – Prah I Pepeo LP (DHPAK47 / PDV Records)

Nundata – Fecal Poppies

Nundata is widely recognized in harsh noise circles for his incredibly distinctive energetic performances and despite being sporadically active, this avant-garde project already has over 80 albums, collaborations and split releases since 2009. He collaborated and has done split releases with notable acts such as Jarboe, Justin Mark Lloyd, Ecoute La Merde, LordxGonzo, Aggression Sonore,… Read More Nundata – Fecal Poppies

Mimika Orchestra – Divinities Of The Earth And The Waters DLP (PDV Records)

Divinities Of The Earth And The Waters is a secondary full-length album by unique international phenomena called Mimika Orchestra. The orchestra was found in 2010. by Mak Murtić, Croatian saxophonist and composer who lives in Zagreb and this distinctive group includes dozen of experienced musicians who mastered their craft in a wide array of various… Read More Mimika Orchestra – Divinities Of The Earth And The Waters DLP (PDV Records)

Those Fucking Snowflakes – U OK Hun? CD (The Recording Industry Is Dead Records)

Those Fucking Snowflakes are one of those bands who are successfully circumventing any categorizations under one appropriate genre, but somehow, their music sounds both chaotical and unifying at the same time. The band was formed in Blackpool, UK last year, but they’ve already acclaimed loads of positive critics from some very important personas in the… Read More Those Fucking Snowflakes – U OK Hun? CD (The Recording Industry Is Dead Records)

Dicrotic – Disposable Feelings

Dicrotic are back on the map with another great material named Disposable Feelings. After the immensely successful EP called Mind Your Business, which we included on our pages, these Spanish melody makers are delivering even more complex compositions than ever before. For some reason, Disposable Feelings has been divided into two corresponding sections, both offering… Read More Dicrotic – Disposable Feelings

Warcycle – Legalised Onslaught 7” (Scull Crasher Records / Televised Suicide Records)

Warcycle is a compelling d-beat/crust punk trio originating from Perth, Australia, and Legalised Onslaught is their latest bone-crushing extended play record. Previously, the band has published highly anticipated Deploy & Destroy tape that reaped positive acclaims among the DIY punk community. Legalised Onslaught is a proper continuation of their previous recordings, but sound quality has… Read More Warcycle – Legalised Onslaught 7” (Scull Crasher Records / Televised Suicide Records)