Eric Tеrino – Champagne And Childhood Hunger LP (1365 First Studios)


Eric Terino is a multidisciplinary artist, essentially perceived as a writer and composer, who shapeshifts the boundaries of modern melodic ambient pop music. His brand new album, “Champagne and Childhood Hunger”, is his most advanced. This second full-length contribution to his discography remits enormous servings of emotion, bittersweet melancholy, and rhythmless ambiance crammed with some remarkable moments which will not only catch your full attention while consuming this wondrous LP but unquestionably make this listening experience worthwhile.

The compositions possess some intense moments because of the absence of a rhythm section. These beautiful tunes transmit the impression of a divine experience full of astonishingly composed ambient sequences that circle around repeatedly until the subsequent layer of sound prevails in the fight for dominance. Besides gorgeous ambient moments, Eric pays a lot of attention to the other instruments as well, so you’ll notice the appearance of pleasing lo-fi keys, piano, a wide array of miscellaneous electronics, experimentations with sound in general, and various slow-motion arpeggios that enlighten the divine sound of “Champagne and Childhood Hunger”.

You can almost perceive all the elements included in Terino’s music, including enormous portions of alternative, ambient, ambient pop, dream pop, lo-fi, indie, and electronica. All these genres form a well-combined symphony full of euphonious moments. Eric’s vocal capabilities uplift the emotive components of his excellent compositions, the tone of his voice is so confident, full of mixed emotions, from lukewarm intoning techniques to high pitched singing methods. This multidisciplinary artist simply knows how to communicate his songs in a distinctive, dramatic, creative and very expressive manner.

Compositions such as the title track, “Champagne and Childhood Hunger”, soaring “The Saturnine Song”, very personal “It’s Not For Me Anymore”, liberating “26 Years”, love song “The Ballad of Misguided Affection”, distinctive “Not A Hole”, challenging “Churches Rise On My Skeleton”, expressive “Whaling Wall”, emotive “Ghosts”, and closing composition “Annus Horribilis” are akin to a fine, very descriptive poetry that was written by a highly eloquent poet who spent his days embracing both the positive and negative aspects of life. By closer examination, Eric’s poetry is displayed in ten vividly illustrated episodes that are supplemented with different scenarios from the artist’s colorful life and Eric is simultaneously the main character, narrator, and director of this comprehensive series.

“The Saturnine Song”, “It’s Not For Me Anymore” and “Ghosts” have been utilized in the form of a short film, or should I say long-form music video. “Champagne And Childhood Hunger” is also the title of the film produced by Perpetual Doom, and it has been directed by Louis Crisitello Jr. and written by Eric Terino, so I strongly advise you to check out this beautiful video which is also like an overture to the phenomenal music encapsulated on Eric Terino’s “Champagne and Childhood Hunger” LP. The album is available for digital streaming on all major streaming services, but you can also grab a physical copy on vinyl or cassette directly from 1365 First Studios.

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