Torshanyio ‎– Psalmii Regelui Vid / The King Davoid’s Psalms


Torshanyio is a collaboration project between Călin Torsan and Alexandru Hegyesi, two very creative artists who are living 541 kilometers far away from each other, but the distance however it’s not a barrier for them at all, resulting it in a wide specter of improvisations between them and various of guest musicians who also collaborated with them on a Psalmii Regelui Vid / The King Davoid’s Psalms, their newest album. Album is divided in a tracks called Psalms, often performed in various musical and non-musical genres such as field recordings, world music, ambient, drone, noise, musique concrete, acapella, bits and pieces of electronica here and there, but with more than enough analog sounds involved to leave you speechless during repetitious listening. All recorded instruments and sources recorded in nature are so organic and easy listening that there’s no doubt Psalmii Regelui Vid / The King Davoid’s Psalms will bring only positive vibes through your ears. It’s important to mention that guest performers gave their own signature on this recording, so vocals and poems by Irinel Anghel and Dan Zibarov goes great with Călin Torsan’s woodwind instruments and Alexandru Hegyesi’s multi-instrumental explorations comprised of dulcimer, gusla, kantele, harmonica, acoustic guitar, percussion and well incorporated field recordings; while on the other hand Vasile Gherghel nailed it to the point with a great graphic design solution for an album and the photographer called Bubu contributed with a photography. Simply, Psalmii Regelui Vid / The King Davoid’s Psalms is a more than a good proof of how brilliant album can sound when a lot of great artists join their forces together and you can enjoy this great album by ordering it directly at Torshanyio Bandcamp page.

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