Bystander ​-​ Where Did We Go Wrong LP (Safe Inside Records)


Bystander is a relatively new project of Greg Bennick, who’s well known for being a vocalist for a Trial, tireless activist for human rights, and perhaps you also caught some of his brilliant motivational spoken words. Beside a drummer Chad Rapper and bassist Shariq Ibriham, both of Decline, they’re bringing back old school hardcore punk back on the map with some fresh music which we all greatly missed. To be honest, I couldn’t find any info who’s playing the guitar on this one, but it seems the band is comprised of the veterans of the hardcore punk scene. After two brilliant 7” records, the band is back with a brand new release called Where Did We Go Wrong. Bystander are not only focused on a fast, catchy, melodic riffs, but they are also delivering some conscious lyrics to the table, often questioning who we are, what have we become, is there any spark of humanity left inside us and what’s happening with the hardcore scene today. Some songs are also dealing with the straight edge and keeping positive in these times, so there are also some classic lyrical themes involved. One thing is for sure, Greg Bennick is a master when it comes to writing lyrics. Music-wise, the band brings back old school hardcore punk back with a bang, focusing much more on a youth crew style and this will be such a treat to all the fans of Youth of Today, Judge, Propagandhi, Chain of Strength, Dying For It, Clear Focus, 7 Seconds, Bane, Have Heart…etc. Where Did We Go Wrong has been published by Safe Inside Records and it comes as a one-sided LP record available in dozen of color variants. Visually, the band decided to put up a spraypainted black heart on a front cover probably with an aim to question ourselves do we still have hearts inside. The answer to this question and to a million others lays down in the amazing lyrics presented over perfectly arranged youth crew record.